Painting nature, shrubs, bushes

To paint the flowers you can indifferently choose to make the background first and then the vase with the flowers
April 2, 2017
Paint the ground, paint the fields, paint the mountains
November 22, 2017
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Painting nature, shrubs, bushes

Be very careful not to fall into improvisation! The forms, the plasticity and the chromatisms can not be improvised by those who have not acquired a certain experience in the matter.

Nature can not be painted by heart, based on the word “roughly”!

Do not be confused by the myriad of shapes and colors, thinking that it is so difficult to give consistency and plasticity to trees, shrubs and bushes.

It seems that making a tree, with all its particularities – branches, leaves and fresh and dried leaves – is very complicated. Instead it is not so: it is much easier than you think, but requires a lot of patience and more relevance to what the model explains to us before our eyes, and nothing more.

Naturally also in this particular field there are some tricks, among which the best consists in the accurate drawing of the tree or of the bush.

To achieve this, it is necessary to spend a lot of time to diversify drawings on drawings, to acquire a certain ease and security, which will move into the brushstrokes.

Have the consistency of making many designs for long months, trees, bushes and shrubs.

With practice, the apparent complicated structures of the branches and leaves can be summarized and summarized with a few strong brushstrokes.

You should initially begin to draw trees with only branches, completely naked, and then trees with families of branches and leaves, finally trees complete with branches and foliage. In this way you can seriously get to the height of painting trees, and in general, nature.

Rule to keep in mind when painting the vegetation: Prepare for each plant (or tree, or shrub, or flower) a very dark fund very varied (at least with the three basic trends: yellow, red and blue), then overlap colors less dark, finally the light ones.

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