Paint the ground, paint the fields, paint the mountains

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July 15, 2017
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December 15, 2017
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Paint the ground, paint the fields, paint the mountains

The land of roads, vineyards, fields, mountains, paths always presents different colors and shades.

Depending on the nature of the terrain, the season, the weather conditions. Despite all these variations, there are some common aspects that we will talk about here.

The color of the land is usually very dark in the fields that are normally cultivated, a little lighter in the uncultivated and abandoned areas, and further clearer on the dirt roads, on the country paths and lanes.

The reason, of course, is very obvious: the earth that is normally cultivated is a fresh and loose earth, containing clods of different sizes, frequently dampened by irrigation systems, and which due to its structural composition, creates shadows and presents itself with quite tones dark.

The terrain of the paths and paths, is dry, beaten, smooth in many parts, reflects more the rays of the sun, and is therefore of a lighter shade.

The ideal pigments to paint the damp soil are the land of Siena, the reds, the carmine, while to paint the earth of the paths and paths, which is more yellow in the parts exposed to the sun and more tending to the gray tones in the shaded parts , we need the blues and the garances (let’s call them “red”) dark.

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